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Federal B. Industrial Area, Karachi

This is the 5th largest industrial area of Sindh province, spread over block 1 to 22 of Federal B. Area, Karachi. In fact, block 21 & 22 are the declared industrial areas, fully occupied by large and medium size industrial units while the cottage and small industries are located within the residential and commercial areas from block 1 to 20.

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PTCL Complaint Centre:

Similarly, a complaint centre from PTCL authorities is also serving members by promptly attending their telephone complaints, having direct access on telephone # 36310040.

Crime Monitoring Centre:

To combat crimes in this industrial area by prompt action from police, a crime monitoring centre is also serving, where latest wireless system is properly installed and Effective patrolling is managed through police mobiles and bikes. The Association has also provided assistance in establishment of a police check post at Kali Tippi in block 22; from where the criminals had safe way to flee after committing crimes in the area. Proper street lightening arrangements are also made through out the area for safety and security at night hours.

The Association has so far installed CCTV Security Cameras in the entire block 22 and a control room has been set up in Crime Monitoring Centre at the Association secretariat for surveillance round the clock. Soon, such cameras will be installed in block 21 as well.

We are fortunate in that we have sincere, efficient and duty bound police officers and police force, which have very Effectively controlled crime in this area and as such our area is much safer than that of other areas of the city. The SHOs of two concerned police stations of the area are promptly attending our members and they are always at their finger tips on their cells: Mr. Arif Afridi, SHO of Federal B. Industrial Area Police Station # 0300-9279956 and Syed Abid Hussain Shah, SHO of Gabol Town Police Station # 0333-2174549.

More than 2,000 industrial units are fully operative overthere. Almost 90% of them are totally export oriented industries, contributing sizeable share towards foreign exchange earning of the country. On the other hand, some 8.5 billion rupees are contributed annually towards duties and taxes in the National exchequer. A large number of workforce – some 8 million people are employed in various disciplines and the benefited segments are both, skilled and unskilled labour including women in a large number, particularly those who reside in the vicinity.

Majority of the industrial units comprises of textiles, hosiery, garments and towel manufacturing, while there are other units also of pharmaceuticals, auto-engineering, chemicals, multimedia, food & beverages etc. etc.
Rangers’ Rapid Response Centre:

At this centre, Rangers force is readily available round the clock to meet with any law & order situation in the area. They are also patrolling in the area on their vehicles as well as bikes to keep watch constantly.

They also have direct access on telephone # 36806962 as well as Cell # 0315-8838984.

Complaint Supervisor:

Mr. Asif Siddiqui, an employee of the Association is deputed to coordinate and to have a check on the working and efficiency of these complaint centers as complaint supervisor. He may be approached on PABX telephone # 36340362 or his Cell # 0300-3686527

Infrastructure Development & Maintenance Company:

FITE Development & Management Company – a subsidiary of the Association, is responsible for development and maintenance of the infrastructure of this industrial area. It is headed by Mr. M. Rehan Zeeshan in his capacity of being the Chief Executive Officer, who may be contacted on Tel # 99238405 or Cell # 0333-2104445.

For complaints, Mr. Sajid Irfan, his Manager is there to attend on Tel # 99238406 or his Cell # 0300-2878313. A public service provider firm M/s ATY Contractors is responsible for sanitation upkeep of block 21 & 22 of the area. They may be contacted for such services with Mr. Tanveer on Cell # 0302-8285673 or Mr. Zia-ul-Haq on Cell # 0333-3033187.


Federal B. Area Association of Trade & Industry came into existence in the year 1987 with clear objective to promote industrial activities in the area and to contribute positively to the economic well-being of the country by way of enhancing industrial production.

The Association was incorporated under the Companies Ordinance 1984 as a company under section 42, and registered under No. K-01504 of 1989-90 by the Registrar of Companies. It was earlier licensed under section 3 of the Trade Organizations Ordinance 1961, which has later on been withdrawn by promulgating a new Trade Organizations Ordinance 2007, requiring fresh registration of the associations. This Association has thus got fresh registration under license # 27 dated May 19, 2008.

This is in fact a town association of trade & industry affiliated with Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry

12-Member Executive Committee of the Association headed by the President boldly and devotedly addresses itself to its challenging tasks and sets about to solve the genuine problems relating to area industries in matters of policies, levies, cesses, infrastructure development, law & order and smooth provision of utility services etc.

Membership Services

The Association serves to its members in many ways, a few are listed as follows:

KESC Complaint Centre:

To facilitate our members, the Association has got a complaint centre of KESC set up at the Association secretariat with the cooperation and assistance of KESC management, which is running very Effectively.

Two gangs of 5 workers each are deputed overthere with MTL – one from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm while the other from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm till late night hours. This complaint centre has direct access on telephone # 36360193

Mr. Feroze Alam Lari Mr. M. Rehan Zeeshan
Cell # 0300-8290001
a.Infrastructure Development
Cell # 0333-2104445
Mr. Jawed Ali Ghori Mr. M. Idrees Gigi
a. Federal & Provincial Government
b. FPCCI Affairs
c. Export
Cell # 0300-8258222
  1. a. Building Project
  2. b. Law & Order
  3. c. Press & Media
  4. Cell # 0333-2104445
Mr. Muhammad Irfan Aslipari Mr. Masroor Ahmad Alvi
a. Labour
Cell # 0321-9284485
  1. a. K-Electric
  2. b. SSGC
  3. Cell # 0300-8290001
Mr. M. Abdullah Abid Mr. Shahid Ismail
  1. a. KW & WB Affairs
  2. District Management
  3. Cell # 0300-8257725
  1. Tele-Communications
  2. Cell # 0300/0321-8239899

Mr. Khurshid Ahmed Mr. M. Haroon Shamsi
Membership Development a. Public Relations
Cell # 0321-9231119 b. Trade Delegations
c. Human Resources
Cell # 0333-2161014
Mr. Muzammil Hussain Mr. Jawed Suleman
Taxation Diplomatic Affairs
0300-8236417 Cell # 0300-8246841
Mr. Irfan Saleem Shaikh Muhammad Tehseen
a. Information Technology Halal Foods
b. Industry, Investment & Privatization Cell # 0300-2020840
Cell # 0300-8220779
Mr. Abdullah Essa Mr. Amin Razzaque Maniya
Pharmaceutical Industries Development Fund Raising
Cell # 0300-8285863 Cell # 0300-2453686
Mr. Salman Ali Mr. Muhammad Ali
Imports & Anti Smuggling Sports & Culture
Cell # 0300-8235125 Engineering Development
Cell # 0321-8224808
Mr. Javaid Ismail Mr. Mohammad Hilal Sheikh
Welfare Projects a. Fairs & Exhibitions
Cell # 03008933262 b. Event Management
c. Publications
Mr. Aqeel Muhammad Zawar Mr. M. Babar Khan
Legal Affairs a. Trade Bodies Affairs
Cell # 0333-2210683 b. Research & Development
Cell # 0300-8201503

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